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This Youth Sunday was preformed twice, once as a regular church service on March 31, 1968 (the same day LBJ announced he wasn't running for another term) and again at night for the new minister, Dwight Brown on May 4 at the First Unitarian Church of Dallas. The cover graphic below is from the order of service for the second service, which was printed on paper the color of this page. The text below is from the order of service for the first service and it was printed on the usual order of service stock, so it did not have the graphic. To get the most out of the cybercast, you should read through the description of the program, so you'll have some idea of the visual aspects of the program. Information about the cybercast will follow.

      O R D E R of S E R V I C E
             March 31, 1968
                 10:00 a.m.

               YOUTH SUNDAY

Damn the Orthodox Shroud

"Break on Through" - Fran Johnston, Shellie Hill

"Silent Night; Hoity Night; All Is Calm

"Mr. Blue," You're Responsible For All This!

"Social Circus" - Nancy Murphy

Two Generations Choose Sides; Object: Bloodshed

"I Ain't Down Yet" - Karen Henwood

"I Believed It All, Didn't You?"

Thoreau reading
"Love Is Blue"

Erection of a New Standard (reading from The Prophet)

"Try For the Sun"

      Directors: Karen Henwood
                 Nancy Murphy

      Lights:    Steve Lang
                 Kurt Albach
      Sound:     Mike Hearne
      Visual:    Larry Brown
      Cast:      Doug Perrine               Nina Butts
                 David Brown                Helen Bogisevic
                 Peter Nichols              Trisha Hall
                 Gabe Lieberman             Hobie Hukill
      Ushers:    Cindy Stewart
                 Richard Soltes
                 Robin Stiles
      Props:     Kitty Hall
                 Mike Taylor
                 Steve Sebastion
                 Richard Soslo

       Special Thanks to:

                Mr. & Mrs. Sol Cogan
                "K" Cawood
                H. J. Albach III

The program today is presented by the Liberal
Religious Youth, the senior high school group
of' our ·church .

Your offering will be received by the ushers
as you leave the auditorium.

The plot of this Youth Sunday

This Youth Sunday is about a conflict between generations, the younger generation being the counterculture. I feel it accurately reflects the struggles of the late sixties and the values of the counterculture.

Damn the Orthodox Shroud: The audience enters a darkened auditorium and is seated by ushers carrying flashlights, who look like Hippies. Onstage is an alter, cross and candles. The mass music sets the mood and allows the audience to adjust their eyes to the darkness.

Break on through: Fran Johnson and Shellie Hill dance to strobe lighting behind giant spider webs

Silent Night: The Simon and Garfunckel song plays while the old newsreel, Crisis in Korea shows scenes of airplanes flying and bombs dropping.

Mr. Blue: Mr. Blue represents the combine as in Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest novel. It is the repressive force that the counterculture is rebelling against. As the song by the Clearlight plays, onstage characters tear down the cross, candles, etc.

Social Circus: Nancy Murphy plays her guitar

Two Generations Choose sides: "What the hell's going on here?" Hank Albach shouts at the intruders. He wants to know what they're rebelling against and they tell him.

I Ain't Down Yet: After one of the intruders says, "This world is so damn down," Karen Henwood does a modified version of The Unsinkable Molly Brown.

I believed it all, Didn't You: Slides to music

Love is Blue: Slides to music

Erection of a new standard: Reading from The Prophet

Try for the Sun: As I remember, this was a film set to music

The auditorium lights come up and the audience leaves.

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