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Colin forwarded:

>>I'm looking for the lp they issued in 68 called "the LRY record"...
>>Do you have any idea of where I could find it????
>>Thanks in advance.

I know a little bit about this, although it was before my time. I think it was actually called the "LRY Album" and consisted of LRY musicians circa late 1960s. I heard a YRUU advisor, whose name I don't remember, apparently had a copy and brought tapes to play of it at a YRUU con-con several years ago.

I asked via e-mail if he would make me a tape, but he acted as though that would be a lot of trouble and was obviously not real interested in doing it.

That prompted me to do a search for it through rare record dealers, and, in fact I did locate a copy for sale. The dealer wanted something absurd like $400 for it. I told him no thanks.

There's got to be a few of these floating around at flea markets and garage sales in Mass.

If anybody is looking for most any printed type of 70's era LRY memorabilia, though, you are welcome to contact me. I have copies of every People Soup and program packet produced during the 70's, as well as the original LRY Advisor's Handbook from 1955, and yearbooks/mailing lists from many conferences 77 through 80. I am always willing to make copies for anyone interested.


Wow, the LRY record with Gordie MacFarland, Pete Ruth and Pete Swinnerton all on it! What a gas! I'll ask around, either Rob Eller-Isaacs or David Field might have one.


To all who are interested: The LRY record was cut at the 1968 continental conference at St John's College. A number of folks were involved in the recording: Gorde Macfarlane, Chris Rhodes, Greg Sweigert, Geoff Gross, Mike Smeltzer, Buffy Wolfe, to name a few. I haven't listened to my copy in ages. Maybe I'll see if I can even find it.

Jaye Beebe