The KCHU Volunteers, Crew, Family, Tribe or Whatever

Vernon Ahtone
Mark Amott
Madelyn Anderson - hosted Community Review
J. D. Arnold - Former editor of Notes from the Underground, nominated for Steering Committee
Roberto Arredondo
Frances Atkinson
Khalil Ayoub
Suyarkant Bhatt - did show featuring music from India
Clarke Blacker - Prankster and next to the last Program Director
Larry Bolef - The station's Chief Engineer, did show called Dr Capacitor's Labortory, Steering Committee
Ernie Brandt
Barry Brenesal - did an opera show called Voices of the Masters, Nominated for Steering Committee
Walter Brock - Third Program Director, did KCHU's morning show
Charles Brooks
Mike Butts - had a sports show
Lisa and Neal Caldwell - Neal did the reggie show until he found some real cats from Jamaca to do it
Dale Carnegie
Daniel Carapetyan
Al Christians - hosted one of the station's better talk shows
Terry Clotioux
Lewis Cody
J. R. Compton - edited the station's last program guide - (# 20) - all the others were by Lorenzo Milam
Kevin Costa
James Cowan - was on probation at the time, so naturally, he did the station's best blues show
Nikki Craft - I think she did a woman's show
Jayne Crom
Cryspian - one of the Pranksters, did a children's show that Lorenzo didn't like, elected to the Steering Committee
Ed Cullum
Perfecto Delgado
Pam Deutsch - Woman's talk show
Dave Dunnigan
Manny Esquivel
Olga Evanoff
Brad Ficke
Cecilia Flores - She helped Walter do the morning show
Art Fogg
James Lawrence Fly
Akin Tunde Funso - was the station's last program director
Norma Garcia
Mike Gingrich - Just Before Dawn (our show for the Gay community), nominated for Steering Committee
Charles George - did an international music show
Sut Grant - had jazz show
Sara Gray
Penny Greaves
Dennis Gross - Person who started the station - possible victem of the State Fair Remote
Bill Gruben
Roger Gruben - the Gruben brothers had a commedy show called Dallas Arcade
Yolanda Guerra
Irma Hall
Pete Hansell - second Program Director, log hassler
Zoo Harris
Richard Hoffman
Jerry Hunt - electronic music show, composer
John Johnson
Richard Johnson
Debbie Kalina
Gary Ketler - helped with all the office chores that nobody liked to do, elected to Steering Committee
Mr. and Mrs. Knight
Mike Kriss
Terry Lance
Albert Lemke
Regina Lester
Mike Levin
Gabriel Liebermann - was involved with the station's art gallery
Dave Liggions - one of our resident musicians
Susan Lorentina
David Luxem - did classical music show
Shirley Luxem
Jim Mann
Pat Martini
Kim Marton
Tommy Mason
Ken Massman
Earl McDonald - bagpipe show, took pictures of the volunteers for program guide # 6
Herschell McDonald - nominated for Steering Committee
Dale McFarland - Had a show called Jazz Street, featuring local musicians
James McGar
Jerry McKinney - helped us wire the circutry room
Ernist McMacMillan
Lornzo Milam - helped start the station, program guide editor, elected Station Manager
Leslie Finny Mo - another of our resident musicians, nominated for Steering Committee
James R. Moore - nominated for Steering Comittee, had a teen show
David Newberger
Mark Newberger - was the station's Business Manager until the State Fair Remote did him in
Allen Newton
Lisa Nichols
Carol Parks
John Pate
Donald Payton
Tod Pearson
Leo Perron - did a cajun music show
Chris Phelps
Colin Pringle - first of the Pranksters, station's audio engineer, elected to Steering Comittee
Steve Putnam - Station,s fourth program director, another victem of the State Fair Remote
Trisha Ramsey - had a swing era jazz show
Campbell Read
Charles Reed - produced science fiction show, Cosmic Corner
Jed Riffe
Lois Robinson
Riki Rothchild
Robert Rothchild
Mike Saunders - producer of Handicaped in Action, nominated for Steering Comittee
Steve Schiller - electronic music show
James Searles
Robby Setser
Lisa Sexton - Elected to Steering Committee
Anthony Shaw
Pat Sheehan - Program guide layout
Kat Sherman
Mary Shiroma
James Siddall
Donald D. Smith - news, elected to Steering Committee
Rod Stasick
Joe Stanco - He did Xanadu - our poetry reading show for local poets
Cynthia Stewart - helped Neal do Reggie show
Liz Stewart
Mary Stoddard
Mike Stoddard
Steve Stokes - one of the Pranksters, resident artist, had late night show after Colin's shift
Allen Stovall
Tom Sullivan
Keith Terry
Jim Thompson
Bob Trammell
Sybil True
John Tuthill
Burns Vick
Rene Villareal
Suza Welton
John Ward
Glenda Webb
Fred Weiss - Station's first Program Director
Jamie West
Barbra Whitlow - News, elected to Steering Committee
Shaw Whitney - Prankster, elected to Steering Committee, had show before Colin's shift
Walt Williams - Had a show called Follow Spot about Big Band era, old radio shows
Robert Wisdom - produced the show, Hungry Ear
Lynn Wyler
Angus Wynn
Shannon Wynn
Jim Yanaway - did rhythm and blues show
Laney Yarber
Chris Yates
Charlie Young
I compiled this list from the volunteer list from program guide #2 (near the very beginning) and program guide # 18 (close to the bitter end) in an attempt to include everyone. The names in bold were listed in both guides, which means they were at the station from the time it went on the air through the time Lorenzo left the station (close to the end of May, 1977). Only 17 of us out of about 80 were able to stay with the station throughout that length of time (about a year and a half).
Copyright ©, 1995
Colin Pringle