Note from Lorenzo to the Volunteers


KCHU is licensed as a non-commercial radio station. This means that we are not here just to be a juke-box, or to feed the egos of people who want to go on the air and play.

It means that in our programming we should try to be creative --- and maybe even instructional.

Sometimes, when you listen to KCHU for great periods of time --- you get the feeling that the only reason the station is on the air is [1] for the playing of records and [2] for the asking of money.

Which really should not be our sole goal

We are here to enlighten, instruct, delight --- and, in general, fill the gap left by other radio stations in the area.

If you are coming in here and being a deejay --- we are all missing the opportunity offered by this frequency. We should not simply act out our role models set for us by Gorden McLendon. We should use the freedom --- the magnificient freedom that we are given by the government, and by the charter of Agape Broadcasting foundation --- to try for some enlightenment and informing of our listeners, and would-be listeners. There is a good chance that if you were to put some tough, good, interesting, in-depth meaningful interview, or discussion or call-in or reading on your program: your pleas for money would have more pizazz, more credibility.

There are sixty broadcast stations in this city; 55 of them are cheapo deejay operations --- spinning the platters. Of the handful that do talk programming --- none have the compariative freedom that we do: to experiment with all ideas, extensively.

Here below are some suggestions on how you can stop being a simple mechanical disk jockey --- and have some part in carrying this station into maturity.

I have given you just a few suggestions above. And you can fill in the blanks. But it is important for you to know that the station is sounding sort of saggy right now --- "dull" is the way that some are describing it. There is no reason for us to be dull or tedious: we are given something that 100,000,000 people in this country would like to have: that is a frequency to transmit on, and the equipment with which to do it. We have fears that if this frequency is not utilized interestingly and appropriately --- we might see it slip away. Like a jelly-bean. In the rain. That would be a tragedy.