Map of Haight-Ashbury shop locations during the 60's

This is a map of the Haight-Ashbury and a directory of what hip businesses (and I use the word loosely) were located where during the 60's. One thing that's important to note is that businesses tend to come and go like the wind in the Haight-Ashbury even to this day, but the ones listed here are the major ones that you would have been likely to find in the 60's. Also, some of the shops moved from one location to another depending on rent or how much space was needed, so you may find different addresses than listed here in the old underground newspapers for a given business. Most of the addresses here are from the book, The Haight-Ashbury: A History by Charles Perry.

Haight-Ashbury map

Now, let's take a virtual tour of the Haight-Ashbury as it was in January, 1967, about the time of the Human Be-in. Let's say we meet there and after it ends, you ask me to take you on a tour of the Haight-Ashbury. Before we leave the park, we check out the scene at the Jefferson Airplane pad at 2400 Fulton. Then we go back to Hippie Hill. So we emerge out of the park, cross Stanyan and now we are headed east on Haight. The even numbered addresses are on the north side of the street and the odd numbered addresses are on the south side. I do not have any listings of any Hippie businesses in the 1800 block of the Haight, but Ed's map (see below) shows Far Fetched Foods (also known as Blind Jerry's), the first health food store in the Haight, but located on Page St. When I was there in August, 1967, nothing struck me as unusual about this block, except for the vast numbers of Hippies walking to and from Golden Gate Park. That's probably what kept me from noticing what businesses were there. When I returned in 1989, I noticed that this block contained mainly non-hip commercial business, like a McDonalds and a grocery store.

I have five listings for the 1700 block, which are:
The Haight-Ashbury Tribune at 1776 Haight
Xanadu (leather crafts) at 1764 Haight
Straight Theater of the performing Arts (old masonic hall)1748 Haight
The I/Thou Coffee Shop at 1736 Haight
The Pacific Ocean Trading Company and Mouse Studios at 1711 Haight
The Straight Theater at 1702 Haight (torn down in 1981)

Now, we're at Cole Street and we need to take a right and walk south down Cole to Carl. That's one block below Frederick, the lowest street shown on the map That's where the Diggers' Free Store was (at 1090 Cole). The Trip without a Ticket was also in this area at 901 Cole. After digging that, we walk back to Haight and continue east.

I have no listing for Hippie shops in the 1600 block of the Haight. Anyone know what was there? 42 Belverdere was where Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn were busted. I have reason to believe that the Blushing Peony may have been located on this block at one time. See note below.

Most of the listings I have are for the 1500 block of the Haight and include:
The Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic at 409 Clayton (corner of Haight and Clayton)
In Gear (Mod clothing) at 1580 Haight
Tracy's Donuts at 1569 Haight
The Pall Mall Bar and Love Burgers at 1568 Haight
The Print Mint (poster gallery) at 1542 Haight
House of Richard (boutique) at 1541 Haight
The Psychedelic Shop (head shop) at 1535 Haight
Mnasidika (boutique) at 1510 Haight
The Blue Unicorn coffee house at Ashbury and Hayes (one block north of Fell)

The Blushing Peony (another boutique) at 1452 Haight (see note below)
Wild Colors (locally produced crafts) at 1418 Haight

The Drogstore Cafe at 1389 Haight
The Phoenix (another head shop) at 1377 Haight
The San Francisco Oracle at 1371 Haight

Central Avenue and Buena Vista Park (to the right) mark the end of the Haight-Ashbury District. Hippies used to go there in order to avoid the mob scene at Hippie Hill, but nowdays they say that it isn't safe to go there anymore. Although this tour is a bit superficial at the moment, I hope that others will help add to it and make it more complete. I'd also like to thank those of you who have helped so far.

Charles Perry: His book The Haight-Ashbury: a History got me off to a good start.
Shawn Mills: His email provided the location of the Digger's Free Store. (He used to live two blocks away from it).
Ed Stephen, who also has a Haight-Ashbury map See note below
Mats Fjellner, who provided the location of the Jefferson Airplane pad

Danielle wrote and said they had an ad for the Blushing Peony that gave the address as 1671-73 Haight. The boutique probably moved from one address to the other. Others have written and confirmed this.

Note on Ed Stephan's map: For those of you who want to print it out, follow these instructions: Click on File/Page Setup and check the box that says Black Text. Any time you encounter a page that won't print because the text is white, that's all you have to do to get it to print. I wish I had found that out sooner.

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