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The contents of my archives have been collected over the years, starting with that fateful trip to San Francisco, August, 1967. While I was in the Haight-Ashbury, I bought a San Francisco Oracle from a Hippie for a quarter, and also bought two Haight-Ashbury Tribunes from two other Hippies. I also got a poster called "Light my Fire" and another one of the Grateful Dead. The two other items I got were two Hippie buttons. Of all the loot I brought back, only the San Francisco Oracle and one of the Haight-Ashbury Tribunes survived. Anyway, here's all the neat stuff I accumulated over the years, much to my parents' disgust. If you click on the Hippie, you can read my biography and see where I am. The background graphic for this page is the nuclear disarmament symbol.

I started this bibliography five years ago when I was taking a library research class. That's where I first found out about the Internet. Since then (and thanks to the Internet) this bibliography has grown and grown. It may be the most complete bibliography on this subject in existence, but I'm not sure of that. Anyway, if it has to do with Hippies, the Beat Generation or psychedelic drugs, it's probably in this bibliography. Latest update 7-13-97

There have been several of these lists published in books about the Beat Generation, and a few floating around about the Hippies. I've collected several of these lists, added a few of my own and made a composite of the while thing. Now you can speak the language of hip!

The Lost Generation was the Bohemian movement of the 1920's. This quote is from Malcolm Cowley's book, Exile's Return. He was the editor that helped Jack Kerouac get On the Road published. Notice how this philosophy compares with that of the Hippies.

In the 1960s, San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury district was a national symbol of the counterculture. The music, the clothes, the drugs, and the lifestyle thrilled a generation of American youth and outraged their parents. What's left of it all now? What's become of the people who survived the "Summer of Love?" A walk back through the '60's with producer Ceil Muller. 

This is a documentary produced in 1992 by Soundprint and heard on NPR radio stations. You used to be able to listen to it on their web site, which I linked to here. Then, they took that down and you could only order a cassette of it from their web site and I linked to that. Finally they removed all trace of the program from their web site, so it looks like I've got a collector's item, along with Haight-Ashbury in the Sixties CD-ROM, which is also out of print.

Other Articles

Timothy Leary Memorial

Hippie button: Turn on tune in drop out

October 22, 1920 - May 31, 1996

I suppose that the counterculture has pretty much had a love-hate relationship with Timothy Leary. He seemed to do some things right and some things wrong. He turned on the Beats, but seemed to cause some trouble for the Hippies, although he's the only one I know of who wrote us an instruction manual for safe LSD trips. He died at 75. I'll have more on this once I've had a chance to sift through all the newsfeeds.

Jerry: Good lord Pigpen, some hacker must have broken into Colin's web site and changed that Drop out button to point to some Swedish server!

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