Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll

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What could be more bohemian than sex, drugs, and rock and roll? Well, I can't think of a damn thing myself. Bohemianism is sex, drugs and rock and roll, or at least it was during the 60's. The Beat Generation didn't get any rock and roll until they were too old to enjoy it, but they did have their hot jazz spots. As for the Lost Generation? They didn't even have hi-fi. The vacuum tube had barely been invented when they did their thing, and there was no such thing as a tape recorder. The younger bohemians (I think they call them Generation X) also have it pretty bad. Today they can't even get away with smoking a cigarette in places where we were getting away with smoking joints in the 60's. It seems as though freedom of choice has become a luxury of the past. But before we get into all the nostalgia about how much better things used to be, there's a few things we need to do to protect what few civil liberties we have left...

First of all...Sex...or maybe that should be

Once upon a time, there used to be a big fuss about sex on the Internet. Actually, this was a big problem  before they came out with the kiddy lockout programs. So, they passed the Communications Decency Act and Clinton signed it into law. Well, all of us Hippies couldn't live with that, so we started the Blue Ribbon Campaign. We all blacked out our web pages and put up the blue ribbons, and last June, it finally  worked when the Communications Decency Act was struck down by the Supreme Court. So now you can go to all those outlaw biker pages and see all those pictures on nude biker babes on Harleys, plus you can lock your kids out so they can't see them. Who could ask for more? Below are the sites who helped us accomplish this: 


Marijuana leif

The Dread Drugs (as Tom Wolfe calls them) 

Hippie button: No turn unstoned

Newsgroups about drugs

And finally, Rock and Roll

The Continuing story of Jerry and Pigpen surfing the web while dead



Jerry: Good lord, Pigpen! Some hacker must of broken into Colin's web site and put a calculator on it.

Pigpen: Not only that man, but it actually works. Try adding something on it.

Jerry: Pigpen, you keep forgetting that we're not yuppies.

Pigpen: No, it can be used for a lot of groovy things man, like calculating what the access counters should be set at when someone breaks into those.

Jerry: Good point, Pigpen. I never thought of using it to fix those things, Now help me figure out what the actual count on this page should be.

Frank Zappa Sites

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