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Heynow. I'm trying a new layout that should make finding what you're looking for much easier. The subjects are now in alphabetical order, both in this directory and on the page itself. The links to the left take you to the part of the page containing that subject. If you can think of any subject category that I haven't included, let me know and if I can find enough material on that subject, I will add it. Also, if you know of any good sites that should be included here, let me know about those.

Because many Grateful Dead sites are done by college students who only have temporary web sites while in college, Grateful Dead sites tend to come and go like the wind, so if you find any bad links, please let me know so I can fix them. I hope you enjoy your trip.


Biographies and memorial

Jerry Garcia
This is the biography I wrote about Jerry shortly after his death.

Memorial for Jerry
This is the memorial I wrote the night after Jerry died. It used to have links to many other memorial pages, but sadly enough, many have disappeared since Jerry's death.

Shortly after putting this one on my site, a mailing list friend saw it and offered to take pictures of Pigpen's grave for this biography, and it even has directions to his grave.


Books about the Grateful Dead
These are my thumbnail book reviews of Grateful Dead books I have read

Grateful Dead Bibliography
This is the best one I know of at the Museum of the City of San Francisco

Deadhead chat sites

Deadheads are known to chat here Wednesday nights from 8:00PM EST-? (5:00PM PST-?). To log on from a UNIX
prompt, type irc server mercury.dead.net. If you use an IRC client program, type mercury.dead.net as the name of the
server. I've listed some other chat sites below.

Deadheads Unite
This one has a message board and a chat room.

DeadRadio chat
This is the chat room that's part of the DeadRadio site.

Grateful Dead Chat
You'll probably want to visit the rest of the site as well.

Deadhead stories

You can submit your Grateful Dead stories to this site and maybe get them published in an anthology.

Greatest Story
Another site of Grateful Dead stories.

One Night At Winterland
by Bill Weir.

Two Weeks with the Grateful Dead
A Tour Journal.


Grateful Dead Discography in alphabetical order
This is David Dodd's discography (A-G).

Grateful Dead Discography in alphabetical order
This is David Dodd's discography (G-Z).

Grateful Dead Discography by date(9-6-98)
This is an index of the recordings by the Grateful Dead. This one is in the order that the albums were released. The links list the songs on each album.

Welcome To The Grateful Dead Record and Lyric Page
Although this site has a little of everything, I've included it here because it has a good discography, but it also has lyrics, photos and many other areas of interest.


Simple Software Dancin' Bear ScreenSaver
How about that, some Deadheads even write shareware.

Grateful Dead archives

FTP site
The Grateful Dead archives contain many useful items for Deadheads. Unfortunately, they don't have a front end web page index (that I know of) which makes these sites a hassle to search. I hope to change that with this page.

Freak vs. Hippie article
by Steve Silberman.

The gopher is another way to access the archives. It contains much of the same material.

Graphics and photos
Several different file formats to choose from.

The Grateful Dead Hour
Lists of the contents of the radio shows.

How to tie-dye



newsgroup FAQ (part 1)
Actually this covers more than just the newsgroup.

newsgroup FAQ (part 2)

PsiloNet Dead Tickets Passes and Laminates

Set lists by year

(in several different formats)

Tape labels
(I don't know how they work)

You know you're a Deadhead when...
Read the article and find out.

Grateful Dead Cover Bands

Montreal area.

Los Angeles based.

David Nelson Band Freaks of Nature Official Home Page
Portland area.

The Deadbeats
Nevada City, California based

Fairbanks 142 Homepage
Cincinnati, OH based.

Freshly Baked Cooked Book
Los Angeles based.

The Grateful Dead Cover Band Database
This is another list of cover bands.

Jerry's Kids Home on the Net
San Francisco Bay area.

Kuli Loach
Seattle area.

Boulder, Colorado based

Slipnot ONLINE
Dayton, Ohio based.

Uncle John's Bands
The ultimate list of Grateful Dead tribute bands from coast to coast.

Grateful Dead Funnies

Even the Grateful Dead and the Deadheads have had a few bad days. This is the comical stuff about the band and it's fans.

Spoof newsgroup FAQ
One of the most often questions asked on rec.music.gdead is "Where can I find the FAQs? I know I've seen here before, but now they're gone." This is about this problem and many others.

What was the first show the band played as the Grateful Dead?
It seems that the authors of the book, Skeleton Key: A Dictionary For Deadheads can't agree which show was the first.

Grateful Dead Research

Glossary of Tape Trader Terms
Now you can find out what all those strange tape trading messages on rec.music.gdead mean.

Grateful Dead bibliography
at the Museum of the City of San Francisco.

 Grateful Dead Time Capsule
History of the Grateful Dead - Biography and Discography

List of hundreds of public libraries you can telnet to
This is useful when you are trying to track down a book that your local library doesn't have and the only way to get it is through inter-library loan.

The music and notation

Grateful Dead Song list
Another tablature site - covers other bands as well.

Harmony Central
This takes you to the Grateful Dead song area.

At Harmony Central.

Tape of the Month Contest
If you really know the music, you might be able to win some.

Other Grateful Dead sites

Dead in Seattle
One thing Seattle is noted for is it's Deadheads. A local Dead cover band, Kuli Loach recently did a cybercast of one of their gigs there. All of this and more is waiting for you on Ward's site.

Deadheads in Paradise - Comics by W. Dire Wolff
Deadheads stranded on a tropical island struggle for survival in this comic adventure.

Franklin's Tower
This is one of the better European Dead sites.

The Grateful Dead Home Page
It wasn't that long ago that this was the best (most complete) Grateful Dead site on the web. It was where I got most of my bookmarks to other Dead sites. Unfortunately, the author got to the point where he no longer had the time to maintain it.

Grateful Dead Tape lists
This is one of the most complete Grateful Dead taper sites I've seen so far.

Jake's GRATEFUL Page
This one has details about the band that I had not read elsewhere and lots of other interesting items.

Jam Radio!
Come in and groove with the Dead Phish Pink Floyd Dave Matthews and many other jam bands. Streaming in MP3 format for high quality. Listen to the music flow! Live events!

Kliff's Grateful Dead site
This site can take you to a lot of interesting places, including a tape trading page.

The Old Hippie's Grateful Dead site
This is of the better Grateful Dead sites. You can link your site to it by filling out a form. This is doing a great job of listing the Grateful Dead family all on one site.

Rockwell Internet - Grateful Dead Real Audio
Grateful Dead shows in RealAudio format

Roots of the Grateful Dead
On this site, you can investigate where the band's cover songs came from.

Stagger Lee's Tape Trading Post
No Grateful Dead site would be complete without a tape trading link or two.

Starfield Two - Grateful Dead Links
Good collection of international Grateful Dead links.

The Wharf Rats
Drug and alcohol free Deadheads

Photo Archives

California Dreaming
Photos from the book, Grateful Dead Family Album.

Dead Images by Rob Cohn
These photos were shot 1985-present.

The Grateful Dead Slides
By Linda McCartney, these seem to be from an earlier era.

Kind Grateful Dead Photos
From Summer Tour 1994 shows at Deer Creek, Soldier Field, and the Palace at Auburn Hills.

Photos on Grateful Dead FTP server
In addition to the photos, this site also has graphics. The files are in different directories according to file type. The photos are mostly JPG, while the graphics tend to be GIF.


Set lists

The Deadlists Project
This site compiles set lists to the earlier Grateful Dead shows.

Song lyrics

John Barlow's web site
You will find John Barlow's lyrics here.

David Dodd's Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics(11-20-98)
This is where you go when you are trying to find the meaning of a song.

Grateful Dead Song Finder
If you can't find it elsewhere, try this site.

Robert Hunter's teleprompter page
If it's written by Robert Hunter, you'll find it here.

Lyrics on the gdead.berkeley.edu FTP site
Another place you can find lyrics.

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