Bibliography: Psychedelic Drugs and Bohemians

By Colin Pringle - May 17, 1990 - October 22, 1999

Subject matter covered by this bibliography:

This bibliography covers three main subjects, altered states of consciousness, psychedelic drugs, and users of psychedelic drugs. Each subject will be discussed separately and the search strategy used to find the material will be discussed. No attempt was made to sort the bibliography into these subject headings simply because there is so much overlap between them, it would make doing so next to impossible. Also, I have not had the opportunity to read each and every book in this bibliography since it contains almost 200 books, and some of these books are very obscure.

Who this bibliography is aimed at:

This bibliography should be useful for a wide variety of subjects, including but not limited to consciousness research, drug abuse, history of bohemian movements in the US., religion and philosophy (especially Eastern) and psychology. The bibliography should be especially useful for psychotherapists since many of the books directly deal with this subject.

How factual the information is in these books:

Every attempt was made to keep this bibliography as scholarly as possible. However, it does contain some books that are biased or that contain information known not to be correct. For example, like the movie, Reefer Madness, the book, Hippies, Drugs and Promiscuity (Labin) is so far biased to the right that few could take it seriously. Other books tend to ignore the dangers of drugs and glamorize their use in reckless ways.

The vast majority of these books, however were written by respectable scientists, researchers and scholars. A good way to check up on the authors is to look them up in Who's Who in America. Also, cross-checking information (especially historical information) between books is important. Some of the information in these books is dated and becomes obsolete when new discoveries are made. One example was the premature reports that linked LSD with chromosome damage. Later studies have invalidated these earlier studies.

The idea of this bibliography was to include as balanced a spectrum of books as possible. It is up to the user to use the information in a careful and responsible manner. Remember the old cliché, a little information is dangerous. Make sure you check a wide variety of sources before you consider the information the cosmic truth.

Altered states of consciousness:

This term includes all states of consciousness other than the normal waking state, including sleep, hypnosis, meditation, sensory deprivation, delirium, nitrogen narcosis and the psychedelic state. I couldn't find a good subject heading for this topic, but most of the books are either somewhere under psychology or religion.

Psychedelic drugs:

Books on this topic are usually under the subject heading, Hallucinogens in both the Dewey and Library of Congress systems. "Hallucinogen" is a legal term, not a medical term. Most research scientists prefer the term, psychedelic drugs. They have also been called consciousness expanding drugs.


Books on the subject of Hippies are under Hippies in both library systems. Books on the Beat Generation are usually under bohemianism, US. in the Library of Congress system. This subject heading is not included in the Dewey system, but seems to turn up in the card catalog anyway. I have not been successful finding subject headings for the other bohemian movements.

Search strategy used:

I started with the bibliography from Psychedelic Drugs Reconsidered (Grinspoon). To this I added books that I knew about. Then I checked the card catalogs of the University of Washington and the King County library. Finally, I used the Laser Cat and added a few books I found on the Internet. I made a point of reading as many of the books I added as I could find, so I could avoid books which really didn't cover the subject matter I had chosen. A lot of the books, like LSD: A Total Study can only be found in a good medical school library. Most of the added books were published after the published date of the original bibliography, but I did find a few that somehow got overlooked. I know that there are still some books out there that belong in this bibliography, but I am having a difficult time tracking them down.

Suggestions for further searches:

I know of two libraries in the United States that are devoted to the subject of this bibliography. The first one is the Fritz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library and it was located in San Francisco. When I tried to visit it, I was informed that it had run out of money and had to close down. Perhaps it will open sometime in the future. The second library is located in Los Angeles. The last I heard, it was still under construction, but may be open now. There was an article concerning this library in an issue of OMNI magazine a few years back (1989?).

Although I didn't include media other than books, there are plenty of other sources on the subject. Thousands of papers have been written on the subject of LSD alone. The scientific journals alone have covered LSD probably more thoroughly than any other drug. Both therapeutic use and abuse have been well documented. The articles appearing in the popular periodicals on the subject of psychedelic drugs are also vast. For this reason, when you go through the periodicals, you have to narrow your subject down or you will be overwhelmed by the vast amount of material.

An example of such a search happened when I wanted to find out what was behind the great LSD hysteria of 1966. Using the 1966 volume of Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature, I found that within a week, a 5 year old girl was rushed to the hospital when she was found to have eaten an LSD sugar cube that had been left in the refrigerator. Then a murder happened that was wrongly blamed on LSD. These two events seemed to trigger dozens of other stories about LSD.

Audio-visual material on this subject is also vast. Here, as with the popular press you have to be careful because much of this material is right-wing drug "education" propaganda. However, there is also some good, unbiased and objective material. One excellent source for audio recordings and videos is Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. The only trouble is, you have to buy the recordings rather than borrow them.

There are several videos that relate to the subject included in the telecourse Understanding Human Behavior. Check with your local community college library to see if they have them. Although these are aimed at freshman college students and contain a few flaws, they do present certain useful information.

Research of Hippies and other strange bohemian cats:

First, start with the Hippie history books. I feel that Tom Wolf and Charles Parry have written the best ones. Try to locate some Hippie "underground newspapers," especially the San Francisco Oracle or the Haight-Ashbury Tribune. Also research the music of the Hippies, especially the Grateful Dead, the Great Society (the band Grace Slick was in before she joined the Jefferson Airplane - Charles Perry is incorrect when he insists that the Great Society never produced an album. I have it and have aired it over KCHU), Jefferson Airplane, the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, The 13th Floor Elevators (a vary obscure band based in Austin, Texas), The Mothers of Invention (Hippie satire), the Woodstock albums, and the list goes on and on. Hint: look under Grateful Dead (musical group) and you will be amazed at how many books you find about the Haight-Ashbury.

The biggest pain in doing this research and how I overcame it

The biggest problem in doing any kind of historical research (and by historical, I mean anything that happened more than 10 years ago) is that most of the databases (on-line or otherwise) only cover the last 10 years. That means you have to go down to the library and look up stuff the old-fashioned way in the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature books and write down what you want, then pull it and Xerox it. Then you have to take it all home and enter it into your computer. When I started this research, the only library that had an on-line catalog was the U of W and it wasn't on the Internet yet.

Well, as the old saw goes, that was then and this is now. I hope in the future, we can get more historical stuff on the Internet, so that students can get certain information about what happened in the Haight-Ashbury off the Internet instead of having to go down to the library and spend hours doing a search that should take seconds.

Finally, for those wondering why I took the time to do this research. Well, there's two reasons. First, it was a Library 100 assignment, but the most important reason is I wanted to find out about my roots. None of the other Hippies I knew seemed interested in bohemian history, or at least they didn't talk about it. All they seemed to care about was the here and NOW. Well, I did care because I was one of the lucky ones that got a glimpse of the so-called Summer of Love (I was at the wake for Chocolate George) and I wanted to find out more about it. My search has taken me far and now I've gotten to the point where I can share what I've found with others. And that I think is one of the most exciting aspects of the Internet...the sharing of experiences.

Hint: to quicky find a book or author, use your browser's Find button.

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