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This is a list of short (thumbnail size) biographies of people who were somehow involved with the events of the Haight-Ashbury era, 1965-1967. As it stands, this list is somewhat incomplete and I hope that some of you can help me fill in the gaps or provide information about people who should be on the list but got overlooked. Eventually, I would like to include an in-line image of each person's astrological sign by their names to make it more Hippie-like, but I can't do that until I come up with more birth dates. An important note about the birthdates: many people wrongly refer to the counterculture as the so-called baby boom generation. Almost all the birthdates on this list tell a different story. The baby boomers were actually the teen-agers who flocked to the Haight-Ashbury when the Summer of Love happened, much to the Diggers' disgust. If you have additional information on these people, please send it e-mail to colinp1@mindspring.com

Key to terms: On the bus=took part in the bus trip to New York (1964), LRY=Liberal Religious Youth (Unitatian youth group)
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The basic format of this list is as follows:

Abshear, Susan
Killed by fall from 3rd story apartment
19 years old when she died

Adams, Barry
Involved with the Rainbow Gatherings 

Adams, Carolyn
Mountain Girl
Jerry Garcia's second wife
Former LRYer, Later Prankster, Grateful Dead

Albin, Peter
Big Brother and the Holding Company
His bio
Born: 6-6-44 (San Francisco)

Albin, Rodney
Died: August, 1984 

Altman, Charles (a.k.a Charlie Brown)
The Wandering Holy Man
Possably the subject of the Grateful Dead song, Cosmic Charlie
I'm not sure what happened to him

Anderson, Chester
Communications Company founder
Editor of Crawdaddy!
Published works:The Buterfly Kid (novel about Greenwich Village)
Everything Free (novel about the Haight-Ashbury)
I have no info. on his death 

Arno, Marc (Richards; Richardson)
Light show troupe "Diagenes Lantern Works" - see Family Dog poster #79 (Denver 1)
Sound mixing

Babbs, Kenneth
Intrepid Traveler
Prankster, on the bus, audio console operator
Published Work: On the bus : the complete guide to the legendary trip of Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters and the birth of the counterculture / by Paul Perry ; Flashbacks by Ken "The Intrepid traveller" Babbs ; featuring photos by Ron "Hassler" Bevirt ... [et al.] ; forewords by Hunter S. Thompson and Jerry Garcia ; edited by Michael Schwartz and Neil Ortenberg.

Bevirt, Ron
Equipment Hassler
Prankster photographer on bus trip
Prankster, on the bus
Born: 10-20-39

Bowen, Michael
Oracle Artist, Love Pagent Rally, Human Be-in
His web site

Boise, Ron
sculptor, Prankster auxiliary
Built the "thunder machines"
Born Dec 23, 1931
Died May 66 (anyone know exact date?)

Brach, Bill
Haight Ashbury photographer 

Brand, Stewart
Trips Festival
Whole Earth Catalog, The Well server
His Full bio.
Born: 12-14-1938 (Rockford, Illinois)

Brautigan, Richard
Born 1-30-35
Died 1984
Digger-associated poet
Published works: The Pill versis the Springhill Mine Disaster and several other books
His bio.

Browning, Page
Prankster, on the bus, light show operator
Known dead but I don't have the date

Buchwald, Martin
Balin, Marty
Jefferson Airplane and the Matrix
Born 1-30-42 (Cincinnati)

Burton, Jane
Generally Famished
Prankster, on the bus

John Kent Carter
Jacob King, Shob
Acid dealer
Died: 8-3-67 (murdered)

Casano, Kathy
Stark Naked
On the bus until they got to Houston 

Cassady, Neal
Dean Moriety, Cody, Speed Limit
Beat Generation, Prankster bus driver
His full bio.
Conflicting birth dates,
2-8-1926 may be a good bet
Died 02-04-68 in Mexico

Cippolina, John
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Born: 8-24-43
Died: 5-29-89 (Marin)
His web site

Cohen, Allen
San Francisco Oracle
Has produced a CD-ROM about the Haight-Ashbury
Has published book of all the Oracles: The San Francisco Oracle, Facsimile Edition: The Psychedelic Newspaper of the Haight-Ashbury, 1966-1968 (1991) Note: This book is extremely expensive and rare. The following libaries have it, but you'll have to ask to see it:
San Francisco Public Library (like where else?)
John Hopkins University
Princeton University

Cohen, Peter
Peter Coyote
San Francisco Mime Troup, Digger
Actor: Had a part in the movie, E.T.
Was the narrator for the video Kerouac

Cohen, Robert (Bob)
Founding Partner - The Family Dog [see also Chet Helms]
also built first sound system at The Fillmore Auditorium
and first mixing consoles for KMPX-FM [see also Tom Donahue].
his website: http://www.lumiereprod.com/history.html

Demma, Peter
Hip Pocket bookstore 

Denson, ED
Manager of Country Joe and the Fish
His web site - about Country Joe and the Fish, civil liberties, other interesting things

Donahue, Tom
Disk Jockey at Mothers club, KMPX, concert producer
Born: 5-21-29
Died: 4-28-75
His photo

Duncan, Gary
Quicksilver Messenger Service

Evenson, John
Later Prankster

Ferguson, Michael
Charlatans, poster artist
Died: 1975

Foster, Paul
The Two-Tone Dude
Later Prankster
Got busted at Watts Acid Test
Published Works: The Answer Is Always Yes. 1995. Hulogosi Cooperative Publishers: Eugene, Oregon

Freiberg, David
Quicksilver Messenger Service

Garcia, Jerry
Captain Trips (he didn't like this name)
Grateful Dead (and other bands)
His full bio.
Born 8-1-42 (San Francisco)
Died: 8-9-95 (Marin Co., heart failure)
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Gaskin, Stephen
Haight-Ashbury Monday Night Classes
Founder of The Farm commune
His full bio.
Born February 16, 1935 (Denver)

Ginsberg, Allen
Although he belonged to the Beat Generation, he was involved with many Haight-Ashbury events, including the Human Be-in.
One of the major spiritual leaders of the Haight.
Attended Kesey's Hells Angel party.
His full bio.
Born: 6-3-26 (9 years older than Ken Kesey)
Died: 4-5-97
News story about his death
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Gleason, Ralph
San Francisco Chronicle jazz columnist
Rolling Stone magazine
Died: 6-3-75

Gottlieb, Lou
Founder of Limelighters folk music trio
Morning Star Ranch
Born 1924 (Beat Generation age)
Died 7-11-96
His Obituary is on the San Francisco Chronicle web site

Greene, Herb
Haight-Ashbury photographer

Greene, Luther
Straight Theater

Grogan, Emmett
Published works: Autobiography: Ringolevio: A Life played for keeps (1971)
Thriller: Final Score (1976)
Died 4-1-78 (heroin overdose)

Hagen, Mike
Mal Function
Prankster, on the bus, camera operator

Hamm, Bill
Psychedelic light shows, Family Dog house 

Hart, Mickey
Only got in on the tail end of the Haight
Second Grateful Dead drummer
Published works: Drumming at the Edge of Magic (1990)
his web site
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Hartweg, Norman
Los Angeles Free Press, Later Prankster

Helms, Chet (Chester)
Avalon Ballroom - Family Dog shows
Denver Dog - this suffered from police harassment
Doghouse at the Beach
Now runs an art gallery

Hendricks, George
Chocolate George
Hells Angel
Died 8-24-67 in the Haight-Ashbury
Wake held for him in Golden Gate Park.

Hicks, Daniel Ivan
The Charlatans
Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks (now the Acoustic Warriors)
Born: 12-9-41

Hirsh, Gary
Country Joe and the Fish

Hite, Bob
Canned Heat
Born: 2-26-45
Died: 4-5-81

Hodgeman, Bradley
Later Prankster

Hoffman, Abbie
Democratic Convention in Chicago (yuck)
His bio
Published works: Steal This Urine Test: Fighting Drug Hysteria in America (1987)
Revolution for the Hell of It
Woodstock Nation
Steal This Book
Soon to Be a Major Motion Picture
Died: 1989

Hunter, George

Joplin, Janis
Pearl (Pigpen called her Tex)
Big Brother and the holding Company
Several other bands
Born 1-19-43 (Port Arthur, Texas)
Died 10-4-70 (Hollywood)
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(don't know her real name)
June the Goon
Later Prankster, Cassady's chick

Kandel, Lenore
Beat Generation
Published works: The Love Book
Her Full bio.

Kaufmann, Denise
Mary Microgram
Later Prankster, member of the band, Ace of Cups
Had to be rescued from the aborted Beatles concert 

Kerouac, Jack
Although Jack couldn't relate to the Hippie thing at all, his books were considered important by most of the Hippies. Almost every Hippie backpack had a copy of On the Road and Dharma Bums tucked inside. They were our survival manuals and our good luck charms, and in some cases, they still are.
His full bio
Born 3-12-22 (Lowell, Ma.)
Died 10-21-69 (St. Petersburg, Fl.)

Kerouac, Jan
Daughter of Jack Kerouac (she never made it to the Haight-Ashbury, but she was a wild bohemian for sure)
Published works: Baby Driver, Train Song
Her memorial page
Born: 2-1952
Died: 6-5-1996

Kesey, Chuck
Brother Charlie
Prankster, on the bus

Kesey, Dale
Highly Charged
Prankster, on the bus

Kesey, Faye
Prankster, Kesey's wife
Made the Prankster's costumes 

Kesey, Ken
The Chief, Swashbuckler
Founder of the Merry Pranksters
Born 9-17-35 (about 5-7 years older than most of the other Hippies)
Died 11-10-01
His full bio.
His web site
His photo
Some of his books I've read:
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1962) 
Demon Box (1986) Autobiographical stuff mainly about the 70's.
The Furthur Inquiry (1990) About the bus trip to New York, where one Prankster landed right in the funny farm.
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Krassner, Paul
Editor of The Realist magazine
Involved with the Vietnam Day Committee

Kreutzmann, Bill
Original Grateful Dead Drummer
Born 6-7-46

Lambrechht, Steve
Prankster, on the bus
Born 3-3-1942 Oakland
Died 9-9-1998 San Jose

Leary, Timothy
LSD guru
Has written many books
His memorial links are on my Archives page
Born: 10-22-1920
Died: 5-31-96

Lehmann-Haupt, Sandy
Prankster, on the bus, movie sound operator
Had close call on bus trip and bad freakout at Esalen

Lesh, Phil
Grateful Dead
Born 3-15-40

McClure, Michael
Another Beat poet involved in the Haight-Ashbury
Wrote stuff for the San Francisco Oracle
Involved in the Gathering of the Tribes
His full bio.
Born: 10-20-32 (Seattle)

McCoy, Don
Started Rancho Olompali commune 

McKernan, Ron
Pigpen, La Chout, Pig, Piggers
Grateful Dead, Hells Angels
His full bio.
Born 9-8-45 (San Bruno, Calif)
Died 3-8-73 (San Francisco)
Tombstone inscription: Pigpen was and is now forever one of the Grateful Dead
Dosed 3 times against his will: at Muir Beach, San Francisco State and at Fillmore East
Best male blues singer ever produced in San Francisco
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Melton, Barry
Country Joe and the Fish
His web site
Born 6-14-47 (Brooklyn)

Miller, Stanley
Poster artist
His web site

Olsen, Richie

Owsley Stanley
LSD chemist (considers himself more like a toolmaker-artist than a chemist)
Worked with the Grateful Dead sound engineering at one point (see his logo psge)
His web site
Born 1-19-35 (close to Kesey's age)
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Piaggio, Margie
Marge the Barge
Later Prankster

Quarnstrom, Lee
Hip Pocket Bookstore and the Barn
Prankster auxillary
Columnist for the San Jose Mercury
Born: 11-13-39 

Straight Theater
Died: 1982

Resner, Hillel
Straight Theater
On the Council for a Summer of Love (30 years ago)
Born: 4-14-42

Romney, Hugh
Wavy Gravy
Goon King Brothers Dimensional Kreemo
Prankster auxillary, Hog Farm commune, Woodstock security and bad trip tent.
His web site
Runs camps for under-privileged children.
He was at my first Rainbow Gathering (1979)
(the one where we had to put out the forest fire)
Published works: The Hog Farm and Friends (1974)
Something Good for a Change: Random Notes on Peace thru Living (1992)

Rubin, Jerry
Vietnam Day Committee
Democratic Convention in Chicago (yuck)
His bio
Published work: Doing It
Died: 11-28-94

Sender, Ramon
Trips Festival organizer, Tape Center

Slick, Grace
The Great Society, The Jefferson Airplane
Published work: Autobiography Somebody to Love
My review of the book
Born 10-30-39

Smith, David E., MD
Dr. Dave
Founder and President, Haight Ashbury Free Clinics, San Francisco, California
Published Works: Co-Author, Love Needs Care; A History of San Francisco's Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic, Little Brown and Co., 1971. And over 25 other books on drug addiction and treatment.
Born: Feb 7, 1939
I'm sure he can ALWAYS use help and/or donations
His e-mail address: hafci@hooked.net

Snyder, Gary
Wrote for the Oracle, took part in many events, like the be-in
Also involved with the Beat Generation
Born: May 8, 1930
His bio and another bio

Stubbins, Paul (spelling may not be correct)
I know he died but have no date
Although his picture is in many of the Grateful Dead books, none give a clue as to who he was.
Anyone know anything about him?

Stubbs, Bob
Owner of Blue Unicorn and the Phoenix
Now in Hawaii

Sundsten, Paula
Gretchen Fetchin the Slime Queen
Prankster, on the bus

Thelin, Ron
The Psychedelic Shop
Died: 3-19-96 (Marin)
His Obituary is on the San Francisco Chronicle web site
(Do a search for thelin

Thomas, William
Acid dealer
Died: 8-3-67 (murdered)

Turk, Gut
Hells Angel, Prankster auxillary
One of the poster artists
He had a head shop called Joint Ventures but I'm not sure where it was located

Valenti, Dino (Chester A. Powers)
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Writer of Hey Joe and Get together
Born 11-7-43 (New York City)

Walker, George
Hardly Visible
Prankster, on the bus

Watts, Alan
Another spiritual guru of the Haight-Ashbury
Produced the series, Philosophy East and West
Died 11-17-1973

Weir, Robert Hall
(Robert Hall)
Grateful Dead
Born 10-16-47 (San Francisco)
He and Pigpen were actually fired by the rest of the band, but somehow, it didn't take. 

Welch, Lew
Beat poet - wrote stuff for the Oracle
His full bio.
Born: 8-16-1926
Died 1971 (apparent suicide - note found but no body)

Wells, Anthony Dean
The Hermit
Prankster in charge of the acid stash

Wilhelm, Mike
The Charlatans, The Flamin' Groovies and the Rootin' Beauhogs
Born 3-18-42

Williams, Reggae
Straight Theater
Writer, film maker, light show artist, production designer and dealer in H-A memorabilia
His article on the Straight Theater
His web site
Born: 4-16-42

Wilson, Wes
Fillmore poster artist 

Zappa, Frank
Mothers of Invention
Although you can't exactly call him a Hippie (besides, he didn't dig labels)
Frank Zappa was an outspoken member of the counterculture. Actually, he may
have contributed several words to our language.
Published works: The Real Frank Zappa Book (he claims there are a lot of fake ones) (1989)
New York: Posiedon Press. 352 p. ISBN: 0-671-70572-5
Born: 12-21-40 (Baltimore, Maryland)
Died: 12-3-93 (Los Angeles)
Some photos of him
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Finally, the Acknowledgments

Here's a list of the books I used to research all this:

Pareles, Jon and Romanowsky, Patricia, eds. 1983. The Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock And Roll. New York: Summit Books. 615 p. ISBN: 0-671-44071 (I used this mainly to get dates of birth and death)

Perry, Charles. 1984. The Haight-Ashbury: A History. New York: Random House. 306 p. ISBN: 0-394-41098-X

Perry, Paul, ed. 1990. On the Bus. New York: Thunder's Mouth Press. 196p. ISBN: 0-938410-91-1

Shenk, David and Silberman, Steve. 1994. Skeleton Key: A Directory for Deadheads. New York: Doubleday. 388 p. ISBN 0-385-47402-4

Wolfe, Tom. 1969 (orig. 1968). The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. New York: Bantom Books.

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