Goon King Brothers Dimensional Kreemo

One of the mysteries of Tom Wolfe's Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test book can be found in the chapter that has the same name as the book. This is the part that talks about the aftermath of the Watts Acid Test, and I quote:

Oh, the Di-men-sion-al Kree-mo...That would be Paul Foster

Well, what the heck is Dimensional Kreemo and what does it have to do with Paul Foster? Well, someone must have screwed up when the book was being typeset, because Dimensional Kreemo belongs on the line talking about Hugh Romney, not Paul Foster. The thing I can't figure out is why nobody has caught the mistake and told Tom Wolfe about it so he can get them to fix it.

Ok, now I'll set the records straight about all of this. Goon King Brothers Dimensional Kreemo was the name of Hugh Romney's psychoactives dealing company. According from what I read in the book, On the Bus, Tom Wolfe used to know Hugh Romney when he used to live in New York. When he was writing the Acid Test book, he must of interviewed Hugh and found out about the Goon King Brothers Dimensional Kreemo business. I can understand why Wolf didn't feel that it wouldn't be too tactful to reveal this in his book, but Lord, keeping us all in the dark about this for all these years. 22 years go by and finally Huge Romney fills us in on it.

Boy, I tell you folks, you learn something new about the Haight-Ashbury every day, even those of us who experienced part of it directly. I'm sure that even Jerry Garcia, who probably logged more hours in the Haight-Ashbury than anyone else, had picked up a book about it at one time or other and exclaimed, "God, I didn't know that happened." I see my knowledge of the events that happened in the Haight-Ashbury to be like a puzzle. After I read a new book about it or get some new tid-bit about it off the Internet, it's like fitting new pieces into the puzzle. My goal with this web site is to share all of this with you.

One thing I hope you will do is let me know about parts of Tom Wolfe's book you don't understand. Chances are, I probably can rattle the answer right off of my head, but if I can't, I can either look it up or post to newsgroups and find out.

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