Live Day

The current fantasy...

...24 hours of non-stop live broadcast, no recordings allowed...

The station had been on the air about two months when one of the Pranksters came up with this fantasy. Colin and Larry had installed four microphone jacks in the gallery for this event. That way, there could be one act set up in the control room, another in the production control room, another in the production studio and another in the gallery, and by switching patch cords or switching an A-B switch on the console, you could put each room on the air.

At Midnight, Friday night-Saturday morning, Colin kicked off Live Day by killing the power to the turntable that was currently playing on the air and letting it wind down to a screeching grinding halt. Then he turned on the microphones, and they stayed on for the next 24 hours.

Colin had been looking forward to doing Live Day for weeks and even signed up to do his own act. But as fate would have it, he only lasted the first six hours. Then he came down with the flu and had to go home and wasn't able to even do his act, let alone engineer the event. Well, that left the station in one hell of a jam because Live Day was a major engineering feat and now one of the station's two engineers was laid up in bed. That meant that everyone else at the station had to pitch in and cover for Colin. Luckily, he had taught all the other Pranksters how to do the switching between the various studios, so they were able to pull that off without him. However, Colin had wanted to tape the whole affair for the Archives and none of the other Pranksters managed to pull that off. So Live Day went out on the airwaves and then was gone forever.

Live Day turned out to be one of the wildest parties the station ever had. Someone had donated a whole bunch of beer for the event and everyone got drunk. Someone had taken all the soft drinks out of the pop machine and filled it up with bottles of beer. Before Colin had even left the station, some bikers show up wearing their colors and it's a good thing there was plenty of beer for them or they might of done some real damage to the station. As soon as Colin sees them walk in, he walks right up to them and hands them each a beer and suggests to them, "Why don't we go out back and smoke a little dope?" Well, that defused that situation. Luckily, he managed to get the bikers out of there before they could do any damage.

The thing that probably finished Colin off the worst though was this band shows up at the station by the name of Roach or something like that. Colin had booked them for an LRY conference once, and they show up so drunk they can't even play halfway decent and now they show up at KCHU and it's like deja vu all over again. Colin is trying to set them up, but one of their speaker cabinets is blown, but they're so drunk they don't think its blown. So Colin pretends to put them on the air, even cues them and everything, but the sound is so horrible that the Pranksters quickly switch to another act in some other studio. That was the last straw. Colin told the other Pranksters that he was running a fever and was going home.

It was impossible for him to sleep though the rest of Live Day, so he turns the radio on to listen to the rest of it. Considering how drunk everyone got, what was amazing is it didn't affect the quality of the broadcast that much. The only boo-boo happened when one of the Pranksters got hung up in one of the microphone cables and fell down the stairs with a live microphone, stand and boom. Someone had forgotten to unplug the damn thing. Some Hippie out in the hall sees the cable suddenly snap taunt and you can hear him yelling, "Like stop, nobody's unplugged the line, man." Larry was running the console at the time, and it made such a racket that he had to tear his headphones off, run into the engineering room and reset the automatic gain control.

Finally, the mad party winds down and Colin turns the radio off and finally gets some sleep. Then, the very next day, Larry calls him from the station and tells him he is leaving the station for another job and that he had installed the remote control panel in the control room and that engineering at KCHU was now all up to him...oh yeah, and there's this microphone jack in the control room that needs fixing because some fool Hippie tried to take a microphone downstairs without unplugging it first. Well, Colin just about had a heart attack over that bit of news.

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Colin Pringle