KCHU 20th Anniversary and Memorial Page

On August 28, 1975, a strange new radio station went on the air for the first time in Dallas, Texas at 7:00 PM. My role in all of this was engineering the station's first remote broadcast from a jazz club called The Recovery Room. This page contains links to information about the station and the people involved with it. What I hope to do is track down some of these people and get them to contribute stories and other stuff about the station to this page. Until that happens, the stuff here is mainly things I have written or that others have written about me. I really want this to be an unbiased reflection of the station, and that's why I'm asking others involved in the station to provide material. Here's what I've got so far.

The KCHU Pranksters

This is the story of our adventures at KCHU. The station was on the air from August, 1975 through August, 1977. Unfortunately, we could not come up with the funding to stay on the air any longer than that. This is the type of story that is best told Tom Wolfe style because it is a story about art and pranks. The chapters which don't have links are still in production.

More About Community Access Radio

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