History of the 60's classroom recourses

This is the CD-ROM produced by Allen Cohen, editor of the San Francisco Oracle. It shows and tells the story of the Counterculture in the Haight-Ashbury from about 1964-1967. The presentation is about two hours long, but it can be edited down to what ever length you need and you can pick the subjects covered. Requires a multimedia PC or Mac.

Allen Cohen's CD-ROM is somewhat biased and the Digger site presents the other point of view. In the Haight-Ashbury, there was a dispute of how "open" the community should be. The Diggers wanted to keep a low profile and not try to attract attention to their bohemian community, while the Allen Cohen faction wanted to "turn on the world." The Digger papers and the Communications company broadsides document this dispute.

This is a set of 3 cassettes (also comes on CDs) It contains radio and television documentaries about the Beats, has readings set to music and has songs of the era. Since the Beats were the precursors of the Hippies, some background information in necessary for an understanding of what happened in the sixties.

This 30 minute documentary compares what the Haight-Ashbury was like in the 60's to what it's like today. You can buy a cassette of it from the site.  It is produced by Soundprint and is carried on NPR.

I wrote this for a library research class. Then, when I started the web site, I converted it to an HTML file for this site. It has links when a book is available on the web.  It gets updated regularly.

This is a page of other research sites. It includes sites about the Vietnam War, The Museum of the City of San Francisco and other 60's related research sites.

What are your favorite resourses?

If you know of any good books, films, recordings or other classroom recourses on the subject of the sixties that aren't on this list, please let me know so I can add them.

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