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This is a good page for students to use to research the history of the counterculture and get an understanding of how it has evolved from the days of the Beats into the Hippies and into its present form. You can use it to find out what is currently happening in the Haight-Ashbury or you can use it to find out what happened there in the past. That should give you a good contrast of the then and now. 

One myth that I hope this information puts an end to is that the counterculture was only around during the sixties. The counterculture did not start with Haight-Ashbury, nor did it end when the Summer of Love went belly up or when Jerry Garcia died. It probably has always existed in one form or another and probably always will exist, since there always will be a need for people to question authority. You can't have a free society without that.

Hey man, it looks like the Haight-Ashbury is making a come-back!

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The Diggers vs. the Haight Independent Proprietors (HIP)

The Digger Archives The Broadsides published by the Diggers of the Haight-Ashbury and leaflets published by Chester Anderson and the Communications Company, plus other related stuff. It' is an important part of our history which hasn't been documented too well in the Hippie history books. This material documents some of the things that went wrong in the Haight-Ashbury and the feud that went on between the Diggers and shop owners, which I also discuss in my How the Beat Generation and the Hippies got their Name article and also in my The Language of the Hip page (see Diggers and HIP - Haight Independent Proprietors). Before downloading material from this site, please read the footnote.

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Some Sixties and Haight-Ashbury Research Sites

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Footnote on Bolinas download:

One of the sites that came up on my latest Haight-Ashbury search was an FTP site that had the Bolinas document. Downloading it was no easy matter, however. There is something about the filename that messes up my FTP client software. When you FTP to cerebus.acusd.edu and change directory to /pub/Prohibition/Activists, you see the file listed as California Drug Policy Reform, which my software thinks is four different files. Whoever maintains that site doesn't seem to understand that putting spaces in a filename is an Internet no-no because only a few machines can handle it. Anyway, my software refused to download it, but I finally did get the link to work. I decided to HTML code the file and put it on my site in order to save people the hassle of trying to download it from an FTP site. Before I could do that, I had to solve one more problem with the file. It didn't have line feeds after the carriage returns. So using a sector editor, I had to change each carriage return to the tilde character, load the file into my word processor and do a search and replace to change each tilde to a carriage return-line feed. What a hassle. Back to top of page

Footnote on Judith Goldsmith's timeline:

The second timeline file (the one about the 60's) seems to have suffered road kill somewhere between Judith's computer and The Well. It looks like some of his lines may have been too long and some machine attempted to "reformat" it. When this happened, the original carriage returns at the end of each line were replaced with new carriage returns every so many words, which made mince meat out of the file. The solution is to download the version for "UNIX weenies." It seems to be OK. Each of these timelines is over 100,000 bytes long, so make sure you have enough disk space and try to download them when the server isn't very busy. They are not HTML files, so they should load right into your word processor.
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Footnote on the Digger site:

The problem with this site is the links don't work like you'd expect them to work. This is most annoying when you are trying to download stuff. There will be a list of links and if you click on any one of them, you get all the items in the list. That might cause you to download the same file five times. This wastes both your time and bogs down the server. The only way I know to handle this problem is to point on each link and read where it takes you. That way, you can check if it is the same file you just downloaded. All these files are HTML, but you can strip the HTML and load them into your word processor. The Digger files are an important part of history that I have never seen documented anywhere else. Back to the Digger links

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